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Your baby’s expressions and vision.

Your baby's eyes are wide open at birth! Your baby sees you, stares at you and wants to be touched. It’s the first contact with the people around her.She's captivated by your face and your mouth moving as it coos and comforts. She looks at you often while nursing, and the bigger she gets, the more she looks at you. It’s a sacred moment between you and your baby. You are your baby's m...

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Choosing whether to breastfeed your baby:

Mother's milk is indeed a wonderful gift you're giving your baby. Women ask themselves lots of questions when they start breastfeeding their baby: I just gave birth; why don't I have any milk?Is my baby getting enough milk?Does my milk have enough nutrients for his growth?Will my baby gain enough weight on my milk?Should I weigh him to check?How long should I wait between feedings? Ca...

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A baby’s sense of hearing in utero.

Our parents and grandparents thought that as long as a baby can't speak, it can’t understand anything! Research has made huge strides in the last decade, and we now know that the building blocks of language begin in the womb. The high frequencies of your speech are filtered by the amniotic fluid, and the low frequencies of your voice are transmitted by the body, especially the amniotic fl...

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Childbirth can be a magical yet very difficult time for a mother.

In fact, after carrying your baby for nine months and being the primary focus of the couple and the family, you now feel like the baby has taken center stage. The physical upheaval of childbirth, the fatigue, emotions, and mental sensitivity are just a few of the factors that may negatively affect your relationship with your newborn. And then there’s the frequent feeling of guilt... Wh...

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