Choosing whether to breastfeed your baby:

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Mother’s milk is indeed a wonderful gift you’re giving your baby.

Women ask themselves lots of questions when they start breastfeeding their baby:

  • I just gave birth; why don’t I have any milk?
  • Is my baby getting enough milk?
  • Does my milk have enough nutrients for his growth?
  • Will my baby gain enough weight on my milk?
  • Should I weigh him to check?
  • How long should I wait between feedings?

Called the colostrum, the first milk you produce is a genuine goldmine of goodness for your baby.

If you have chosen not to breastfeed, at least try giving your baby this special gift when he’s born with a welcome breastfeeding.
It will give you a chance to experience nursing, and may make you want to continue.

Colostrum is very high in bacteria that will protect your baby by boosting its immunity at birth and helping flush out its first stool.
These bacteria stay in the intestines and will protect him for the rest of his life. This liquid is extremely rich in minerals and proteins that will restore his strength after the tiring process of being born.

Moms, don’t overthink it: as soon as your baby is born, start breastfeeding with the help and advice of a midwife.
When you get back home, don’t hesitate to call upon a perinatal guide or coach, or a lactation specialist who will give you lots of tips for you and your baby.

The key to breastfeeding is support. You’ll need reassurance and good guidance, especially in the first few days, as well the first few weeks with your baby.
A self-assured mom is a confident mom who feels at ease. One of the most important things about successful breastfeeding is how calm the mother is. The hormone oxytocin is actually what makes the milk flow. Always remember to get into a comfortable position with your back propped up well with cushions, and put on some music to relax you.

I’m a lactation advisor, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you need a guide in those first few days.

A testimonial from Vanessa, whom I helped with HypnoBirthing before getting her off to a great start with nursing:

“And postpartum was a drastic change compared to my first baby. That followed the maternity leave. I had decided not to breastfeed my first baby, but for my second, Virginie had given me so much information about it while I was pregnant that I felt ready . But saying it and doing are two different things. The birthing center does everything to help us, but the midwives and the pediatric nurses all come in with their own opinions, which of course are different. So I didn’t know what to do. Virginie is always available and incredibly attentive. She guides me through each stage step-by-step. This unwavering support enabled me to confidently put together a nursing plan. I achieved what was so important to me thanks to her. It’s postpartum guidance that’s unbelievably reassuring, and it feels amazing. So I only have one thing to say, and that’s thanks from the bottom of my heart, Virginie and I recommend her to every mom!”

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