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A baby’s sense of hearing in utero.

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Our parents and grandparents thought that as long as a baby can’t speak, it can’t understand anything!

Research has made huge strides in the last decade, and we now know that the building blocks of language begin in the womb. The high frequencies of your speech are filtered by the amniotic fluid, and the low frequencies of your voice are transmitted by the body, especially the amniotic fluid.

When you speak, your baby can feel the vibrations of your voice’s low frequencies on its mouth and hands.
As early as the 27th week, babies have been observed reacting to the mother’s voice, and recognize it within an hour after birth.

There is a bonding and communication between you are your baby.

Your baby reacts to your voice just as much as your thoughts. They react when you think about them or even just talk to them in your thoughts.

Researchers have been able to demonstrate this by the baby’s accelerated heartbeat.

You are communicating what you feel to your baby!

A bond has already been formed with the mother well before talking begins.

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