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Parents are working more and more, and sometimes working from home can complicate things. Mom and dad are often exhausted at work after difficult evenings and nights at home with their kids. They don’t always have time to learn all about what their baby or child needs when they come home from a day with the nanny, in a childcare center, or at school.

Providing parents with the latest research findings on babies gives them a better understanding and the ability to adjust how they act with their children at home. These parents are more relaxed, less tired, and therefore easier to deal with at work.

Physical and mental fatigue affects the mood, productivity, and health of your coworkers.

Becoming a parent is a new occupation that no one taught us in school, and it’s really not a simple task. These days, society is pushing back against the idea of the perfect baby and calm laid-back parents who can handle any situation.

We have to help parents better understand babies and children—it’s the society of the future!

Doctors are seeing an increase in consultations regarding stress-related crying (colic, acid reflux, etc.), and the sleeping habits of infants and children. Countless moms-to-be and mothers are feeling very alone during pregnancy, and even more so after the baby is born. Dads-to-be and fathers may also feel thrown off by motherhood or the birth of their baby.

In my coaching sessions, parents confide in me and tell me how much they miss sleeping, how alone they feel, how no one around them understands, that there’s no way to express their emotions, and that problems adjusting to their baby makes life quite difficult. Couples are going through a lot in the first few weeks and months, and even into their child’s first few years of life.

Extended paternity leave will offer fathers a chance to be more present for their partners and learn about their baby after birth.

This is a very unique time for men, and they have trouble expressing it. They don’t experience it physically, but they do feel it psychologically. Becoming a father for the first time or once again is life-changing for them as well. Fathers live through all the changes, but often feel powerless and excluded, and they don’t know how to help their partner. Information and training helps them gain a better understanding of the physical and mental changes their partner is going through. They become better at anticipating the shifting family dynamics, and discover the amazing abilities their baby has from birth so can form that crucial bond early on.

When parents are given more information, they can better communicate, understand one another, and understand their baby or child.

Research over the last couple decades have made significant advances in understanding babies and children. Over the last 15 years, affective neuroscience has made huge leaps by using special techniques adapted to babies, such as MRIs. 

Health professionals are beginning to assimilate this new knowledge, but there is still a long way to go. 

The French Ministry of Health has assigned Secretary of State for Child Protection Adrien Taquet to work with a commission he formed to study the first 1,000 days of a child’s life. He wants to provide parents with more guidance and support, from pregnancy until a child’s second birthday. We do not currently have the resources in France to properly care for parents and their babies.

Businesses are increasingly offering guidance, conferences, and workshops for parents and future parents. Parents who are more relaxed will be able to better manage their daily lives both at home and at work.

I can accommodate any corporate structure, from large conferences to small workshops, or provide one-on-one guidance. The topics change depending on who is interested and the audience, for example men, women or both. 

My only goal is to provide information and the key concepts that help parents fulfill their role with goodwill. We become parents with our children!

Main topics for conferences and workshops:

  • Personal development workshops: How do we turn the vicious stress-anxiety-pain cycle into feelings of wellness, joy and health? Sleep better by learning the techniques of self-hypnosis and deep relaxation.
  • Conferences on babies and children: Getting to know your baby: Development of the five senses in the womb and after birth. How the prenatal period affects a baby’s development. How do you take care of babies once they’re born? From prenatal to postnatal: what neuroscience findings say about the baby’s brain. Becoming a father is an important role, how can you fit in? Sleep for babies and children. Introduction to Non-Violent Communication or Kind Communication: it’s about setting boundaries. Understanding the attachment bond and how to create or strengthen it.
  • Children workshops: What do you do when the baby is crying a lot, doesn’t want to sleep, and wakes up at night? Solutions to real situations experienced by the participants. How do I handle anger and punishments? Workshop on the importance of touch, and how to massage babies and children.

One-on-one consultations with your coworkers.