Workshop Reflexo Baby Affective

Does your baby have colic or acid reflux?
Does your baby have eczema?
Does your baby have sleep problems?
Did you baby experience a difficult birth?

Emotional baby reflexology can relieve all of these aches and pains!
Touch is the first sense that develops when the baby is in the womb, and it’s connected to the nervous system.
Touching and massaging your baby are extremely good ways to soothe her.

Touching has very positive effects on your baby’s development:

  • Physiologically: sleeping, energy levels, and weight gain. It strengthens the immune system, and improves motor skills.
  • Psycho-emotionally: releases more oxytocin for better well-being and mood management. The baby also gains an awareness of her body as a whole.
  • Socially: boosts self-confidence, helps adapt to daycare, school, and environmental changes.

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Session: One hour €80