About me

My name is Virginie Zerah, and I help parents and parents-to-be find harmony and form a bond with their baby by better understanding its needs, development and cries.
I have three children and am fascinated by how babies develop, both in the womb and after birth.

Here is my training:

  • Certified HypnoBirthing® Instructor.
    Developed by Marie Mongan, this method is an approach for calm and gentle childbirth using a variety of relaxation, self-hypnosis, visualization, affirmation, and breathing techniques.
    More than a method, it is also a life philosophy. You learn tools for managing stress and fear, and how to truly feel at peace so you can deal with any situation. You are the ring leader when it comes to feeling secure during childbirth by knowing your body and all of the options available to you.
  • You realize that your body knows how to give birth if you trust it and let it do its thing.
  • Graduate of the Paris Descartes University Psychology Institute: 
    ✓ University degree (DU): The psyche and birth. 
    ✓ University degree (DU): The cognitive and social development of newborns. 
  • Trained at the École du Bien Naître de Sonia Krief (School of Childbirth Wellness) who created the Bain Thalasso Bébé (Baby Thalassotherapy Bath). Sonia Krief’s school teaches a range of techniques and skills in mother and baby wellness. 
    ✓ Baby massage.
    ✓ Therapeutic and physiological holding.
    ✓ Réflexologie bébé affective (emotional baby reflexology).
    ✓ Breastfeeding.
    ✓ Prenatal memories of pregnancy and childbirth. 
  • Member of the La Causes des bébés association, chaired by Myriam Szejer, pediatric psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. 
  • I attend numerous perinatal seminars and conferences, including the ARIP (Association pour la Recherche et l'(In)formation en Périnatalité).
  • BirthTheChange instructor, a personal transformation program.
    ✓ Turn stress, pain, discomfort, and fear into wellness and a love of life. 
    ✓ Learn how the first few months of life, from conception to three years old, affect us all our lives. 
    ✓ Significantly improve your relationships with other people. 
    ✓ Change the conscious and subconscious beliefs that limit you. 
    ✓ Get in touch with you powerful inner force. 
    ✓ Get rid of toxic emotions. 
    ✓ Build a solid emotionally secure core. 
    ✓ Heal naturally, and live in harmony with your body and the planet. 

The personal development guidance I provide helps parents acquire powerful tools for taking care of themselves and managing stress every day.

The latest discoveries are dramatically altering what we knew about how a baby’s brain develops. Scientists and doctors have called into question how we care for our babies. Affective neuroscience is also emphasizing the importance of appreciating a baby’s emotions starting at birth. The emotional and physical environments in which your baby develops, both in the womb and after birth, play a major role in their growth and future health!

Through my guidance, I give parents the keys to better understanding how their baby develops.

When you understand your baby better, you’ll know how to support their development and growth while pregnant and after childbirth. 


Drawing upon my extensive training in perinatal care and personal development, I created my own method for supporting and comforting moms-to-be and new mothers with their babies! 

Moms and dads often feel alone!

In my coaching sessions, we work together to look at your history and your physical and mental well-being. Using your life experiencebirth and childhood as well as your baby’s life in the womb and at childbirth, and your first moments and weeks with your baby, I explain things clearly, and guide you towards a better understanding of all the baby’s needs. Plus, I teach you what all the different cries mean so they can sleep better and thrive. 

My guidance will help you regain self-confidence, and my tools will help you better manage stress, fear, and doubt so you can then confidently and calmly support your baby throughout its development.

All parents are born the same time as their child.” Ernest Kramer 


In my family, I was known to have a gift for calming babies down when I held them. They would often wind up falling asleep on me. The older I got, the more passionate I became about this, and I dreamed of having young children.

My dream came true a bit late, but I’m not complaining: I’ve had three wonderful children.

After three years of fertility treatments and a round of IVF, my first son was finally born!

Six months after I gave birth for the first time, I got pregnant again (naturally this time). My daughter was born in 1999. And then 12 years later in 2011, my youngest one was born when I was 40. A little gift from nature.

For my first son, like many moms who go through fertility treatments, I was very scared I would never get pregnant, and then terrified of losing the baby.
Even though I had waited so long and wanted him so badly, I had a tough time taking care of my first baby.
I was totally exhausted and lost.

I seriously needed some support.

The birth of my daughter 15 month later was truly a joyous moment.
But I wasn’t feeling very joyous alone at the house with my two babies!
I now had twice the doubts, stress, fatigue, etc. I was worn out.
I was feeling totally disoriented and very alone those first few months.

I truly feel for moms and dads who feel helpless with their baby who cries a lot, has acid reflux, colic, or doesn’t sleep well.

Things were very different 12 years later with my youngest!

All the training I received showed me how to see things another way, visualize the mother-baby relationship during the prenatal and then the postnatal period.

It’s normal to not know everything when you become a mom!

Since the 1980s-1990s with the development of technologies like MRI, research on babies has made great strides. Scientists have made fascinating discoveries on how their brains function based on experiences in the womb and at birth.
Not all early childhood professionals are well informed or trained yet in the latest research on babies to be able to pass it on to parents, or they don’t always take the time.

My multidisciplinary approach on the emotional, physical, and social development of babies in utero and after birth, neuroscience (brain development), and positive and attentive instruction give me a comprehensive view so I can guide and support you through parenthood.

I help you get to know your baby better, give you the keys of understanding based on your baby’s needs and his or her experiences with you.

Every baby and every family have their quirks.

I guide moms and dads with their babies. I listen to them and offer solutions that will once and for all make them feel independent with their babies, and gain self-confidence.

I have noticed that too many parents stop sleeping at night when their baby is born, and it sometimes lasts for years. This is a problem that affects the baby’s development and the relationship with its parents, who are exhausted. That is why I specialize in problems with crying and sleeping for babies and children.

I give you daily guidance on your journey as a mom or dad and how to feel confident. You will gradually understand, soothe your baby, and help her sleep better.

The first weeks of this daily guidance changes everything for mom and her baby. It creates an interaction and supports the bond that is essential for the baby’s development.

Parents grow up with their children. They need to be supported, to be able to interact, and be taken care of.

N’hésitez pas à me contacter pour un premier entretien 06 82 30 27 16