Mom’s suitcase and baby’s hospital bag

The big day is almost here!You’ll be packing a hospital bag for yourself and one for the baby toward the end of the eighth month.
Want to make sure you’ve got everything?


  • Bathrobe
  • Two large towels
  • Two washcloths
  • One or two of your favorite pillowcases so you can personalize your pillow during labor, and afterwards in the recovery room
  • A pair of slippers or slip-on shoes
  • Two nightgowns or pajamas that are easy to open if you’ll be breastfeeding
  • A cardigan
  • Five loose-fitting T-shirts or tunics
  • Two pairs of maternity pants
  • Disposable underwear (usually supplied at the hospital)
  • Your personal toiletries and some makeup
  • A water mister to keep cool right before going into labor
  • Cell phone, charger, ear buds, small speaker to listen to music, something to read, etc.
  • Your childbirth plan to give to the midwives when you arrive so you can discuss it with them
  • If you already have small children at home, bring little gifts to give them when they come visit, it will form a bond with their mommy
  • Your documents: Carte Vitale, mutual insurance card, blood group card, pregnancy journal, or medical records and family record book (or national ID card).
  • If you are breastfeeding: Three nursing bras that you should buy at the end of your pregnancy to ensure they fit well, and disposable cushions for nursing, plus some lanolin cream to prevent chapped nipples.


Don’t forget your pregnancy journal. Now you can pack your baby’s diaper bag and little suitcase!

Depending on the baby’s expected weight, when buying clothes, get the newborn size, or something for over 7.3 lb.

Choose a birth outfit: A sleeveless bodysuit or a wrapover bodysuit, wool overalls, socks, booties, bonnet, baby sleeping bag and a small soft blanket.

Your baby will be quite cold for the first few days. She’s losing weight and will get cold quickly.

  • Take along 5-7 bodysuits because there may be some leaking with the first few bowel movements
  • Five small plain pajamas, which will be the best items of clothing in the first few months
  • Five pairs of socks
  • A cardigan
  • Five very soft diapers, organic cotton if possible
  • Very soft cotton washcloths
  • A mild soap for the bath, organic if possible
  • Two hooded bath wraps

My recommendations for changing diapers: No need to bring any products; washing with warm water and a washcloth is the best. Keep doing this for the first few months before using any products or baby wipes, if possible. Ask first, but usually your birthing center provides diapers and ready-to-use baby bottles. Just check to make sure.

In the home: Get some Eosin antiseptic, compresses, cream or Avene Cicalfate for diaper rash, diapers and feminine pads (provided by the birthing center) to use when you get home.

My personal guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the results, or my advice for you and your baby after 15 days, you can request a refund by telephone or email. Countless mothers have put their trust in me. Read their testimonials.

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